Monstera Plant - Large

$80.00 AUD
Approx $53.36 USD

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Potted Monstera plant presented in a natural, woven container .. 

This plant has beautiful tear-drop shaped leaves that make any home feel instantly more tropical. 

Approximate size: 70 x 50cm

Please Note: Plant and container may vary slightly based on availability.

A little about myself,  I am  is a Low Maintenance Plant – that is what I am talking about.

Water me once a week,  a little more during the warmer months. But don’t let the soil go soggy, no one likes standing in water all day long,  without wearing gumboots.

Wipe over my leaves once a week. Please don't mist my luscious leaves.

Fertilise with a slow release, fertilizer twice a year

I love filtered light, a well-lit indirect sunlight position  makes me happy. Direct sun, not so such, I burn, this does not make me happy.

I am an air purifier.   I fight off common household toxins.

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