The floristry industry is currently experiencing some shortages in the supply of some varieties.
Please be aware that this may affect the selections used in your order. We will keep the style and colours as close as possible to the picture,
however we appreciate your understanding that substitutions will be required during this time.

About Carina Florist

Carina Florist is a small business in suburban Brissie. The shop is owned and operated by Nina Roebig. This boss-lady does everything from making your floral arrangements, to waking up on the dark, cold wintery mornings to get the freshest of flowers, to listening sympathetically to stories of loved ones lost. She has been working in the floristry industry for over 30 years (don’t do the math) and continues to learn and evolve with new trends, while still demonstrating strong understanding, passion and skills.

CF was created in 2007 when Nina took over from the previous Florist and began making the space her own. Ever since the space continues to change and adapt to suit the needs of our community.

Here at CF we are proud of our friendly and genuine customer service. You can be sure that our responses and opinions are sincere - we would rather put our creative energy into the flowers, instead of fake attitudes.

During the time that CF has been running several staff members have come and gone, contributing to the success and culture of our business. It is these influences that have allowed us to continue to connect with the diverse community that we are a part of. 

We are able to send our flowers locally, or organise to send something lovely around the country and the world.

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