Gift Pack - Love Teddy with French Champagne and Chocolates

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A Lovely bundle to send to the one you love.


1 x Large Plush Teddy Bear with red polka-dot paws and a red bow.
1 x Bottle of French Champagne 
1 x 150g Lindt Lindor Chocolate Box

Please note: Chocolate variety may vary based on availability. 

IMPORTANT INFO: Gifts containing alcohol must be received by a person 18 years or older. The sender is responsible for ensuring the recipient is of legal age. Alcohol will not be left unattended for a delivery or if there is no one of legal age to receive it. It is the sender's responsibility to provide accurate information for address and phone numbers to assist in a successful delivery. It is the sender's responsibility to cover any additional costs of repeat delivery if first delivery is unsuccessful.

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